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Non Basmati Rice

  • Product Code : 12
  • Minimum Order Quantity :25
  • Unit of Measure :Metric

Basmati Rice

  • Product Code : 14
  • Unit of Measure :Metric Ton
  • Minimum Order Quantity :1000

1121 Basmati Rice

  • Product Code : 45
  • Unit of Measure :Metric Ton
  • Minimum Order Quantity :1000
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Let's have a look at the various types of Rice that are both healthful and incredibly safe to consume. They are grown mostly in Kolkata, and the grain size is uniform. They have a lovely flavor and aroma, as well as being tasty to eat. They are often used in biryani, fried rice, and other rice dishes in a range of cuisines. Rice is currently offered in a few kinds, including Non-Basmati Rice, Basmati Rice, and 1121 Basmati Rice. They have a pleasant perfume, are rather pure, have a long shelf life, and are perfectly safe to consume.

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